oh niiiiiice lol
    Larry destroyed drivetribe? lmao
    And I'm still apparently trying to break it.
    Thank you, sir.
    Break out the damn Hammond Organ! lol
    I'm just waiting to be either arrested or sued.
    or beaten with pancakes.
    Yes, a truly-terrifying prospect.
    I ruined pancakes today. And I hated it
    (one small victory for Larry)
    It's okay, dear, I believe in you.
    word! lol
    Mark The Baz
    yesterday 11:37am
    yep tape will save you every time tape loves all ....... unlike Trump !!
    Mark The Baz
    yesterday 11:44am
    hey is that u and Ben having a live chat soo cool
    Patricia Pedrosa
    yesterday 3:50pm
    Yes, that's Ben and me! How do you like this idea of having live streams?
    Veoniss Melissa Houston
    yesterday 7:42pm
    ugh. True. Lmao
    Veoniss Melissa Houston
    yesterday 7:43pm
    Pat are you guys aiming for that every week? Because it would be good for like Friday nights or something lol
    Kevin Nicks
    yesterday 8:17pm
    Not sure why, but I have no sound on the live YouTube thingy..
    Mark The Baz
    yesterday 8:39pm
    I think it’s fantastic! Well done 👍
    we don’t know how often yet, but yes!!!!
    I’m happy you guys enjoyed it. The next one will be even better...
    Yesssss! I'll definitely try to be around to check it out
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