Want me to send you a hand truck in order to assist with picking up of your bad habits?
Also, remember to pick up your bad habits using your legs. Less back strain that way.
I am too lazy to have habits.
"I gave mine away at the office."
Sigh. I get to go back to work now.
James Stewart
Oh no!! I hope you feel better soon! Stay away from helmets for a while haha
Can't, have a lesson everyday at 6:10am.
every day
Games have interesting names for levels
Patricia Pedrosa
yesterday 1:07am
GREAT NEWS! There’s a new Fiat Panda and it’s brilliant. READ MORE HERE, @tribe -
Veoniss Melissa Houston
yesterday 1:10am
Dave Winfield
yesterday 1:12am
Patricia Pedrosa
yesterday 1:13am
Whaaat haha
Dave Winfield
yesterday 1:16am
No way is that going to work! Have you ever used waze? Train wreck coming up :)
Patricia Pedrosa
yesterday 1:17am
Works great in Brazil. You should leave a comment in the article though; things get lost here.
Dave Winfield
yesterday 1:19am
Does it really? I'm Amazed and astounded! :)
yesterday 3:44am
Smart Roadster
yesterday 10:01am
Meanwhile they’re still selling outdated Punto’s
Tago Ogat
yesterday 2:32pm
Last time I tried Waze in Brasil was led to a favela
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