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Do you think Fernando and Sebastian are better at reading a race behind the wheel than Lewis who maybe needs a bit more information on the radio?
Lunchtime question! Which team hospitality serves up the best nosh?
Were you surprised as were we with Vettel's composed reaction to Verstappen's issue plus also Hamilton seemed in a relaxed mood despite the troubles?
Dimitris Pistis
thank you bb
Xao Ralas
Thanks for doing this and sharing your insights!
Bye Karun!
Samuel Sage
Thanks KC! Hope to see you all on the Late Braking stream at 7:00 over on our channel!
Rob Burnett
Cheers Karun!
Julie King
Thanks Karun
Thanks Karun!
Michael Bechtel
Vettel as a driver doing that makes perfect sense, doesn't mean much of anything. It'd be different if the team admitted that their strategy deliberately cost Raikonnen to benefit Vettel.
Michael Bechtel
Ii think it's more noteworthy when two teammates don't deliberately block /race each other from the front row
Reuben Samuel
I like memes
Ferrari won't ever say that, ha! We have known them now.
2019 is smaller changes, although fuel increase will certainly bring in more strategy! On 2021, there is still not 100% clarity, but MGUH removal could hurt Mercedes, Ferrari which is why they were against it.
Hayley Stanway
I know, I read it 😂
Scribbling a piece for DRIVETRIBE on road cars, which were developed or just inspired by F1 teams. I've got 12 so far. Some are beauties and a few, real mingers (like the hideous thing pictured). What car would make YOUR list and why?
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