James May's Carbolics

    ..... looking at????
    Claire Francis
    I've seen these photos before, Hammond looks very different, never knew his hair was ever that long lol
    Karen Troppman
    James looks sweet :)
    Claire Francis
    He does x
    Ivo Tahov
    if you like what you see subscribe to our channel it will help us a lot :)
    Yes. I'm thinking that the woman crossed the street right in front of the car...and that the car isn't at fault here.
    Karen Troppman
    Oh really?! Very interesting. There was a driver in the vehicle if I understood that correctly.
    Yes. The car was in control, however, if I'm reading that correctly. Judging by what I've seen, she darted right out in front of the car.
    Karen Troppman
    can’t wait to read your latest article :)
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  • Waqas Ahmed
    Andrew Beee😎
    yesterday 2:49am
    To Mr. May. So, once your contract with Amazon runs out, are you going to start making films on here? We can pay directly for the season (digital and dvd pre-order), then you get more money and you can license it to a few places once it's finished.
    Tone Haugen
    yesterday 10:54am
    Love u gays.
    James May
    yesterday 11:28am
    I already make films on here. A huge amount of work goes into them. You will notice as much if you watch some of them.
    Mahmood Ansari
    yesterday 11:32am
    Loved the man wears hat film
    Aurelie Saboureau
    yesterday 11:50am
    It depends on the hats too.
    Claire Francis
    yesterday 3:09pm
    Yeah me too
    Anne Buchwald
    yesterday 5:44pm
    Can you edit your films on your iPad? Do you have the iPad Pro?
    tyler Allen
    yesterday 8:31pm
    I 👌 James may
    György Petrov
    yesterday 10:32pm
    just use sonyvegas it can do everything
    Jason Day
    yesterday 11:31pm
    The Reassembler Season 3 starts off with right?
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