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Is that you driving Kendra?
@Kids In Karts🚩 Ben I wish lol I am not too bad at driving on old games like this but on Forza Horizon in a Lambo I am all over the place and well off the road too lmao
was thinking of playing rollercoaster tycoon and making the park sort of car/auto themed. Then was thinking of putting in a DriveTribe group of peeps in the park. It would be amusing to say the least.
I was thinking Drivetribe Minecraft.
Just doesn't lend itself to great cars yet. Maybe somebody will make a mod.
I had James, Jeremy, and Richard in one of my parks lol looked almost like them lol.
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  • Hi Emma! Very Nice!
    Natasha Cramer
    thanks alot for reposting my posts
    Great work! Natasha!
    Natasha Cramer
    thanks alot☺
    I keep getting distractions while typing to you lol. I discovered the cheat on roller coaster tycoon 1 to speed up the go karts a guest Damon Hill and they speed up, name a guest michael schumacher and the karts go even faster LOL
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