Cars, their marketing, and their genealogy.

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Jack Yan reposted from FORGOTTEN CARS CLUB

11 days ago

The Chevrolet Vega’s up on Autocade. Among the models mentioned is the Cosworth Twin Cam. A hot little number, in a range that left a lot to be desired.

An old Cosworth Vega ad


Jack Yan

25 days ago

People often say the original Holden Commodore was based on the Opel Rekord or Senator. The correct answer is both: the Opel Commodore was in between


When the Rekord E and Senator A had a love child

Jack Yan reposted from TRIBE NATION

24 days ago

Already added to Autocade, but here’s a bit more on the Bentley Bentayga Diesel. Well, Ettore Bugatti once said that W. O. made fast trucks …

Matt Jones

25 days ago

THE D_TRB REVIEW: Bentley Bentayga Diesel

It's taken us long enough to get our heads around the idea of a Bentley SUV. But now there's a diesel version. Too much?

Jack Yan reposted from SONS OF CHUMP

9 days ago

We always liked the third Accord, especially with this out-of-this-world (for 1985) Aerodeck model. More at

Joe Berry

1 month ago

The naughty, shooting-brake Honda.


The Honda Accord aerodeck gives me the horn

Jack Yan reposted from PORSCHE

15 days ago

Incredibly fascinating collection—an insight into Porsche’s “warehouse” that many enthusiasts know about, but very few have seen.

Mark Webber

30 days ago

Capsule collection

In a dusty depository behind Porsche HQ hides the evidence of a severe hoarding disorder

Jack Yan reposted from WEIRD, TERRIBLE CARS

18 days ago

One model not on Autocade—but maybe its weirdness deems that it should be?

Per Person

1 month ago

The Troll: Only five were made, it looks like this and was named TROLL

Jack Yan reposted from INSIDE TRACK

24 days ago

Honda has passed a significant milestone: it has made its 100,000,000th car. Considering they started making cars in 1963, this is impressive. However, they don’t know which was the 100,000,000th …

Ben Pulman

25 days ago

Honda builds 100,000,000th vehicle, talks to Google about self-driving cars

53 years after starting out with a cute sports car and a tiny truck, honda has now built 100 million vehicles


Jack Yan

1 month ago

The Kia Pride, which started off as a Mazda-designed subcompact, also celebrates an anniversary. We look at four generations in 30 years


Pride in Korea