I'm good at roasts.
Could occasionally get a stand up comedian involved too
...I'm fairly good at that as well.
Harry Eade
I am a stand up comedian
I am of the sit-down-and-relax type of comedian.
I would say I'm a stand up photographer... but most of my shots are... well, below eye-level lol
You focus on taking pictures of chins in suggestive poses?
No, I'd probably get restraining-orderised for that
You sissy.
Who cares about restraining orders.
But I do remember taking a shot while lying down and the marshal thinking I'd passed out lol
I'll try catch you guys while in Paris next week
Which reminds me, I have changed my username in at least a couple of months.
Bill Beadle
...and apparently today's chat has ended upon the introduction of Bill's maniacal laughing.
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  • Leo Toon
    No aston Martin need to be entered in
    Leo Toon
    But what would it look like
    Leo Toon
    Lee Pearson
    No, but they should keep the drivers
    Love all the ... no's... I want to see F1 without Ferrari and it's fans.... what kind of a joke it'll become. Remove Ferrari and it will become just a racing series followed by some. :-) I will follow Ferrari, wherever they go, if it won't be F1, it'll be elsewhere.
    Bobby CC
    need them but they also need someone like koenigsegg to get an engine strapped together partnered with a decent aero outfit...possibly from the UAE or something to give it at least a chance of having the funding to eek out as much performance as is possible. Needs to be a more viable alternative than the hum-drum Renault 'strap it on, it'll do' type of scenario there is currently. Maybe Haas could team up with them? Haas machine tools and racing thoroughbred mixed in with crazy out there engine designs being produced by metal working machines to the quality of Haas...that would be good. If not Haas...why don't the big K try go down the German route and try something with the likes of Hermle pitching European engineering excellence directly against American?
    Luke Kilby
    They should probably get newey to design a basic chassis with the v shape aero monocoque , sticking within all regulations, give them a power band to stick between for maximum hp, lb/ft and maximum revs, and other things like 4V only. That's about all they need, then let designers run free.
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