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      • Reposted from Second Gear by Harry Chesworth

        Listen to the sweet noise of the new Toyota Supra 3.0 litre straight-6

        Toyota alas revealed the sweet sound of the new Supra

      • Reposted from Jdm by Harry Chesworth

        Inside the high stakes world of Tokyo's loop racers – The Roulettezoku

        The story of the Tokyo street racers

      • Reposted from News by Harry Chesworth

        The Ford Focus RS taxi – Because the world needs heroes

        If you’ve ever thought that the humble taxi was a bit on the slow side, one Norwegian man has found the soluti...

      • Reposted from Female Petrolhead by Harry Chesworth

        Accidentally buying a motoring unicorn

        An unplanned, accidental purchase of one of the rarest and coolest wagons of the Nineties

      • Reposted from Home Of F1 by Harry Chesworth

        Red Bull Racing reveal new team logo for 2018

        It reflects the team's extended partnership with Aston Martin

      • Reposted from Shifting Lanes by Harry Chesworth

        Christian Horner Speaks Out Regarding A Potential Ferrari Exit

        The Red Bull boss wants to compete against Ferrari but isn't a fan of the current arrangement between Ferrari ...

      • Reposted from Racing Lines by Harry Chesworth

        Sebastien Loeb returns to WRC in 2018 with Citroen on limited schedule

        The nine-time champion will do a limited schedule upon his return.

      • Reposted from Small Tribes Rule by Harry Chesworth

        The STR Post Vol. 1 Iss. 4 Tribe Posts Nov-Dec 20, 2017 PART IV

        Tribes that shared current posts to STR Chat.

      • Reposted from DriveTribe Gaming by Harry Chesworth

        What has been the best Gran Turismo ever?

        Remembering the best of Gran Turismo as Sony's Game-Changer Turns 20

      • Reposted from Porsche by Harry Chesworth

        Porsche advent calendar #23: Nobody's perfect t-shirt

        Revisit the iconic poster that celebrated Porsche’s outrageous dominance of the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1983. The ...

      • Reposted from Home Of F1 by Harry Chesworth

        DriveTribe Force India 2018 concept livery - the winner is revealed

        You voted - and here is the full wimnning design

      • Reposted from News by Harry Chesworth

        Heck, Subaru isn't planning on selling the next WRX STI anywhere in Europe

        First it was just the UK, now it's Europe-wide

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        Reposted from Drift by Harry Chesworth

        From 4th to 1st in one drift

      • Reposted from Nm2255 Car Videos by Harry Chesworth

        This Is The Best Sounding Maserati Of All Time!

        Maserati MC12 Corsa! #maserati #mc12 #mc12corsa #gt1 #sound #v12sound