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Murray Re
I have a 1977 124 and it seems to bog under heavy load. Any ideas? It’s got a 32 adfa Weber carburetor and the 1.8 L. I am fairly confident the ignition timing is spot on. Maybe lean mixture?
Bob Woodward
Question. Which was the last Fiat to be built at Abarth’s own works in Corso Marche Turin?
Last FIAT cars (not Lancia) built at Corsa Marche were Fiat 131 Gp4 for rally and 131 Gp5 and X1/9 prototypo. After that Lancia's...
Bob Woodward
Neils van Buuren. I went to the Abarth works at Corso Marche 38 in 1989 with my Ritmo/Strada Abarth 130TC and was told that the 130TC was originally developed for rallying, however it became clear that four wheel drive was the way forward so development on the Ritmo 130TC was stopped and the Lancia Delta became a legend.
I was also told that the Ritmo/Strada Abarth 130TC was the last road going model to be completed at Corso Marche.
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