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    Lotus Should Be An All Electric Brand

    Please don't crucify me...

  • The Car that Promises Freedom from Anxiety

    Dutch Tech startup on a mission to deliver the first long range solar car‍

  • N.F.C Quantino, a car powered by seawater.

    It looks like Zero emissions cars have a pretty strong rival to deal with...

  • Watch the Aston Martin Rapide E make UK dynamic debut at Goodwood

    What do you think? Is the Rapide E a fat lump or an agile supercar as it climbs the Goodwood hill?

  • How Ferrari's SF90 Hybrid is also a FWD electric car

    Watch the video to find out how this 1000hp supercar is also a FWD EV

  • VIDEO: Munich to the Bern E-Prix… in an i3

    Ahead of the Bern E-Prix in Switzerland, I took my first road trip in a pure electric BMW i3.

  • Are Hybrids and EVs Really What They're Cracked Up to be Environmentally-Updated

    Some say that they're better for the environment. I've done a bit of research to find out if that's actually t...

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    Full Race - 2019 Julius Baer Swiss E-Prix (Season 5 - Race 11)

    Full Race - 2019 Julius Baer Swiss E-Prix - June 2019

  • Listen: Hans Zimmer composed the fake noise for BMW's electric concept

    All cars need to make noise