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Chris Wall
If anyone is keen for drag racing in South Africa, here's a live feed. Many of the fastest in SA are there. Racing 1km top-end too. I wanted to be there for pics, but I'm headed to a concourse event, last minute thing.
Trevor Bradley
The Great Rally Company - a warning. These guys cancelled the 2018 Great European Rally and despite court action still owe money. They are advertising their 2019 trips, if you are going to sign up make sure you have really good insurance and don't make my mistake.
Ora Huhti
I read about the drivetribe event in Finland. Does anyone have any pics and stories from it?
Jul Krabetz
Someone at the Geneva motor show ❓
Hey guys, how many of you are from Florida by chance?
Moodymize S
A little bit of a wait now but whose excited for GOODWOOD 2020😍😍😁
Marcus Milligan
I’m looking forward to it! It will be my first time attending the festival of speed. Have you been before?
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