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  • Guess the original car 2.0

    Below are some cars with extreme conversions and you need to guess what is the original car behind the crazy c...

  • Impossible Quiz: Guess the Best Selling Models by 15 Different Brands

    Not every model is a winner. Can you guess which models sold the best?

  • The ULTIMATE Dodge Viper Quiz!

    This is NOT an easy quiz, think you can get more than 50%? Go ahead, don't say I didn't warn you... >:)

  • Reposted from LIGHT THE WAY by Jerry Yee

    Name That Eye! 420 Edition

    Do you have your brights on or do you need to top up on some headlight fluid?

  • I found this 2000 Land Rover Discovery at my local auction. Went up to $800. The interior was falling apart. I...