Amateur Supercars

Amateur Supercars

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  • Reposted from DOUG TALKS CARS. by Aleksandr Halas

    Confirmed: The ItalDesign GT-R50 will be built!

    And this is how it's going to look...

  • Reposted from Racer Magazine by Aleksandr Halas

    Bloodhound supersonic LSR car for sale after project halted

    By staff

  • Reposted from Drivetribe News by Aleksandr Halas

    The 670bhp Lister LFV is "the world's fastest SUV"

    The reborn Lister brand has been working its magic on Jaguar's finest cars, and the latest to get the high-per...

  • Reposted from Speed Machines by Aleksandr Halas

    For sale: Harry Metcalfe’s Porsche 993 GT2 4-wheel drive

    If you're familiar with the Harry's Garage YouTube channel, you'll recognise this gorgeous 993 Turbo GT2. And ...

  • Reposted from Speed Machines by Aleksandr Halas

    16 of the best Top Gear films for true petrol heads

    Every now and again, Top Gear made films for more serious petrol heads that nobody else could. These are some ...

  • Reposted from Speed Machines by Aleksandr Halas

    Ferrari confirm their SUV will be called the "Purosangue" & will be here by 2022

    With a name meaning "Thoroughbred" in Italian, Ferrari's entry into the SUV domain is already sounding to talk...

  • Reposted from Shmee150 by Aleksandr Halas

    Porsche 992 Spotted Without Disguise!

    The next chapter for the 911 is almost here

  • Reposted from Shmee150 by Aleksandr Halas

    The Polestar 1 Has Cracked Future Tech! | FIRST DRIVE

    First drive of the all new Polestar 1

  • Reposted from Drivetribe News by Aleksandr Halas

    The Lanzante P1 GT is a tribute to the legendary Longtail F1

    As if the P1 LM wasn't crazy enough, Lanzante has revealed its stunning longtail P1 GT

  • Reposted from Second Gear by Aleksandr Halas

    All-New Noble M500 Revealed With Ford GT Engine

    Comes with 550bhp as standard

  • Reposted from Super Hyper Mega by Aleksandr Halas

    This is the new 5221bhp, 303mph hypercar you’ve never heard of

    This is the Alieno Arcanum

  • Reposted from Speed Machines by Aleksandr Halas

    Working class heroes of the 21st century

    A little list of some of the greatest automotive working class heroes of the 21st century.

  • How to Operate a Manual Transmission

    Honda offers manual transmissions across an array of models and trims, which is why we produced a video to not...

  • Reposted from Shmee150 by Aleksandr Halas

    The Aston Martin SUV Will Have A Petrol Engine Only!

    No electric SUV from Aston Martin

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    Reposted from Audi Electric by Aleksandr Halas

    The countdown is over

    We're at the Audi test facility in Neuburg, Germany to exclusively reveal something seriously special to our f...

  • Reposted from Hillclimb Monsters by Aleksandr Halas

    The 700Hp Lancer Evo Monster from Bulgaria

    Kyuben Kamenov´s Monster has seen intense development over the years. This is how it looked on 2017

  • Reposted from Drivetribe News by Aleksandr Halas

    Rimac has made its new hypercar 'Hammond-proof' - and Richard has responded

    This is top class trolling from Rimac!

  • Reposted from Les Alpinistes by Aleksandr Halas

    Alpine dévoile son A110 GT4 au GENEVA MOTOR SHOW !

    Nos soupçons sur une hypothétique version GT4 se confirme enfin !

  • Reposted from Hammond's Fob Jockeys by Aleksandr Halas

    The top 7 cars from Geneva 2018, by us

    James and I chat about the latest releases from the Geneva Motor Show

  • Reposted from DriveTribe In Detail by Aleksandr Halas

    AMG boss says the Project One could beat the 6:11 all-time Nurburgring record

    The F1-engined hypercar is shaping up to beat the seemingly untouchable Bellof Porsche 956 Nordschleife record

  • Reposted from Sim Racing Girl by Aleksandr Halas

    Vesaro McLaren Simulator

    A while ago Vesaro invited me to their headquarter in the UK to try out their different simulators.