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      • Reposted from The Perfect Roads by James Prell

        My spines snapped, but at least my car can do a 7:12 around the ring

        Why the Nurburgring is actually the most pointless place on earth, and my ways to fix it.

      • Reposted from Leadfeet by James Prell

        Toyota release new range of supercharged kitchenware

        Still no reports of a supercharged 86

      • Reposted from Goodwood Road & Racing by James Prell

        The all-electric honda nsx is jaw-droppingly fast!

        Times, they are a’changin’.

      • Reposted from Team DriveTribe by James Prell

        THE D_TRB REVIEW: Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Manual

        With a manual 'box, naturally aspirated engine and even hydraulic steering, is Aston's V12 Vantage S an ageing...

      • Reposted from Today's Top News by James Prell

        Aston Martin to rename the AM-RB 001

        Aston's CEO has confirmed that Upcoming Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing hypercar won't be called the AM-RB 00...

      • Reposted from Today's Top News by James Prell

        Ferrari 812 Superfast: A 789bhp sledgehammer for the street

        Think the 6.3-litre F12berlinetta and F12tdf are a little tame? Then make a beeline for the new naturally aspi...