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Barrie's Drives

Views on motoring from an aspiring motoring journalist from South Africa.

Barrie Ferreira

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        Almost 100 Ferraris at the 2018 Ferrari Day in South Africa

        More than $20 million worth of Maranello's finest gathered for the Southern Equatorial Ferrari Automobilli Clu...

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        Are Aston Martins the coolest cars out there?

        Let's be honest, V12 Astons such as the DBS are one of the coolest cars out there. Couple that with exquisite ...

      • A Letter to Jeremy, James and Richard

        I have something to ask Jeremy, James and Richard, so I decided to write them a letter.

      • 5 Concept Cars That Made It Into Production

        Many cars that are in production today started off in life looking a bit different.

      • Ferrari F12tdf vs. 599 GTO: Which is best?

        6 years is what separates these two limited edtion, V12 Ferraris. So what has changed?

      • 5 Reasons Why the Goodwood Festival of Speed is the best

        Does any other motoring festival include as much as the Goodwood FOS does? Here is why I think no other motori...

      • The Ferrari F12tdf: Necessarily Unnecessary

        Recently I had the opportunity to sample Ferrari's latest limited edition, front-engined V12. Here's what I ha...

      • The Car Door: A Portal to Awesomeness

        Most of us get in and out of cars, but never really think about where they started or how they've evolved. Let...

      • The best way to start my motoring journalism career

        I had the oppurtunity to attend the AMG Driving Academy and had my first real taste of being a motoring journa...

      • The AMG Driving Academy South Africa: Part 1 of 2

        I had the awesome opportunity to go out and spend the day with Mercedes-AMG at the Zwartkops Raceway just outs...

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        What's The Difference Between A Sports Car, a Supercar, and a Hypercar?

        It's one of the great question of the automotive world, so I thought I'd have a go at answering it.

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        What's the difference between PS, bhp and hp?

        It's very easy to get power measurements mixed up

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        Going around Kyalami in the Jaguar F-Type SVR

        Join me as I go around the legendary Kyalami Grand Prix circuit in this awesome Jag SVR. Oh yeah, and enjoy th...

      • Should you meet your heroes?

        I had the opportunity to have a go in the Lamborghini Aventador S, aka my dream car. But did it live up to my ...

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        An emotional family reunion for this tyre

        He just wanted to see his kids

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        Where Was Shmee? Supercars WERE everywhere in beautiful Brescia!

        CARS & COFFEE BRESCIA is back in 2017 with their annual supercar event!

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        What Italian Supercar should you buy?

        Which of the 21 options will you get?

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        Rapid-BLUE Reincarnation

        Fast, fantastic, AND affordable. JUST WHAT WE NEED IN 2017