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it is indeed, love it!
That’s probably my pick, too... with i8 as a close second.
Nate A
BMW Z4 aka the Supra
Stefan Maddock
Ouch. Shots fired!
Donny West
E46 M3 CSL has my vote. Not exotic, but I swear it gets better looking every year!
Has to be the CSL
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  • Ram Zeitouni
    John Emerson
    Ted Karslake
    BMW E10 2002
    Hasan Alowaide
    Zakky Ramadhan
    E24 6-series for me.
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  • Andreas Ktoris
    Maybe 507 or m1 pro car or m635csi so many greats
    Reece Thompson
    im a bit late to the game, only just discovered drivetribe!
    Reece Thompson
    BMW Fan
    Jason Cowan
    Anyone got an E93 with a sticky passenger door handle? Tried oil and grease, wondering if any other ideas
    Rich Mathews
    I’ve got a 2007 335i... I may have been going a little too fast and encountered a flooded highway... which hydroplaned me off into a significant ditch. Short story, I just bought a new k member, control arms, sway bar, etc.
    Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is provide me with your recommendations for some upgrades while I’ve got the front end apart. I’ve got some wastegate rattle for information’s sake, and I’ll definitely need an inter cooler. Not spending big bucks, just want to do some upgrades that it would be stupid not to do while I’m in there.
    Helder Marques
    Had to get some bricks
    Who said a 3door is not practical???
    Thaverhn Naidoo
    Which bmw is more reliable e90 generation or e36
    Eric Magnuson
    New here and a new first time BMW owner with my recent purchase of an E90 330xi 6MT (Monoco Blue over Tan). I have followed BMWs since I was a teen back in the mid-90's and always planned on getting one but life (and kids) has a way of throwing wrenches in the best laid plans. Happy to finally join the club.
    Hi guys, Ben Koenig asked me to join you guys so here I am. First time BMW owner since 2016. My first car was a Lancia Delta HPE 1.6 16v from 1999, then I got an Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TwinSpark that had the cylinder 1 piston bearing live a life on its own and got to knock a few valves. Then I acquired the car below in 2016... a BMW E46 1.8 316Ti Compact from 2001 with at the time 110.000km on the clock. Done a lot to it since and last year it had some massive servicing as it needed front brakes, new passenger lock, gasket for the sump, gasket for the valve cover, gasket for the vacuum pump, new chain as they discovered that it was a miracle it didn't skip a tooth, new dual mass flywheel and clutch. All in all... 3500 euro in repairs. Tomorrow it will get its new MOT I hope if it passes.
    Scott Ordiway
    Good morning all! I have owned BMW motorcycles for years. My E70 N63 is my first four-wheeled German (South Carolina) gem. Looking forward to some good discourse and picking up tips along the way.
    Hey guys, Ben invited me, so here I am. Heres my old girl daily driver, the black pearl, or whatever you call her. 🤣🤞🏽✌🏽
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