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Bugatti pays tribute tho the EB110 with a hypercar limited to 10 copies | DriveTribe

For Bugatti, producing the all-time car is apparently not enough: you have to turn the spotlight permanently on the brand with special editions and other "one-off", whose spooky prices also make it possible to quietly turn the shop. Stephan Winkelmann, boss of the brand since 2018, conscientiously applies the philosophy that had been so successful at Lamborghini. After The Black Car, unique copy to 11 million euros tax free, here is a salvo of ten cars to 8 million each. Before you shout at the heist by sputtering on your keyboard, let's try to see what makes this Centodieci more than just a cash machine. When Volkswagen bought and rebooted Bugatti in 1998, the period Romano Artioli (who acquired the brand in 1987) was shelved, and the EB110 with it. A contemporary of the McLaren F1, powered by a 550 hp V12 3.5 quadriturbo (or even 610 Super Sport version), with a carbon chassis, produced in a plant at the cutting edge of technology and design in Campogalliano, near Modena . It was a real dream team that had looked into its cradle: Marcello Gandini's design (completed by Giampaolo Benedini, the architect of the factory), illustrious alumni from Ferrari (Nicola Materazzi, Mauro Forghieri) and Lamborghini (Paolo Stanzani) to the technique, the young Loris Biccochi as a development driver. Dieter Gass, current head of Audi Motorsport, also made a transition to its beginnings. Michael Schumacher offered himself an EB110 SS to celebrate his first F1 title in 1994, but his example was hardly followed and this pharaonic project was disconnected soon after. In 2019, Bugatti celebrates its 110th birthday and decides on this occasion to finally exhume the EB110 (whose name was at the time referring to the 110th anniversary of the birth of Ettore Bugatti). The Centodieci - 110 in Italian, in case ... - may be based on the Chiron, the tribute to the EB110 Super Sport is clear. "The EB110 is a very flat car, with rounded corners and practically two-dimensional aesthetics, typical of the late 1980s. Transposing this aesthetic into the new millennium by integrating the platform of the Chiron represented a great challenge technique, "says Achim Anscheidt, design director. The nods to the EB110 go through the minimalist treatment of optics, the angular cutting of glass surfaces, the five small round air intakes embedded in a trapezoid on the rear quarter (a detail specific to the Super Sport version) or the imposing fixed and active flap (idem), capable of generating as much support as the Divo. The Centodieci is 20 kg lighter than a Chiron ("only" 1,975 kg), while the W16 8.0 quadriturbo now develops 1,600 hp, which gives it the best weight / power ratio of the family in front of the Divo ( 1,960 kg / 1,500 hp). Stephan Winkelmann recently invited Romano Artioli to Mosheim, a way to finally salute his contribution to the turbulent history of Bugatti, and the place of the EB100 in his family tree. "The EB110 was a car ahead of its time, which deserved 110%," said Romano Artioli, 86. I'm probably not the most objective person in this business, but no other car deserves more than the EB110. At the risk of annoying some? "For me, there was no reason to listen to those who did not want it," says Stephan Winkelmann. We do not choose his story. Bugatti has known, in my opinion, three epochs; the Campogalliano era was the shortest. The 110th anniversary of the brand is the right time to evoke this period, with this car as a link. " "I think we need to go beyond a purely product-based approach to a more holistic philosophy, focused on experience in general. This is where history matters. Anyone can put a big engine in a nice car. But we have a story, we do not start from scratch. This car must be faithful to the values โ€‹โ€‹of the brand, show that we have thought upstream how to make it evolve. Diluting a brand with such a strong DNA for the sole purpose of generating profit would be a bad approach. " All that remains is to gather the EB110 and the Centodieci, somewhere in the suburbs of Modena, if we manage to find one of the 10 happy customers who got their hands on it before it was announced. ...

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