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  • Reposted from Idiot's Car Reviews by Scott Nadeau

    Six 'Cars' That Could (Possibly) Beat The Apocalypse.

    The news is scary and the apocalypse is coming. It's time to get prepared ...

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  • C​ash in your chance to own one of the greatest Porsches in history

    T​he Porsche 934: Everything you could have ever wanted...

  • T​ackle whatever winter throws at you and buy this Audi RS2

    O​ne of the greatest cars ever made, and THE greatest wagon...

  • An Italdesign Aztec Has Popped Up For Sale

    A rare piece of automotive design history designed by one of the best in the world.

  • Reposted from J Behind the Wheel by Scott Nadeau

    The original Mad Max Pursuit Special is up for sale

    The Last V8 Interceptor is Alive, Well, and For Sale!

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  • Reposted from Today's Top News by Scott Nadeau

    This £6million collection of Lancias is an absolute bargain

    Is this the coolest multipack of cars?

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  • Check out this GMC Canyonero, I mean Lambo Diablo, no Caballero Diablo on BaT

    This 75k mile Caballero is pretty bitchin'

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