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      • Reposted from GT Nation by Shaun Kilkenny

        Meet the 1:1 Scale Toyota Hilux RC Truck

        It's a full sized verion of a small version of a full sized truck

      • Reposted from Grand Tour by Shaun Kilkenny

        The Grand Tour Trailer for Season 2.

        Earlier today this new trailer for season 2 of The Grand Tour was shown on Australian television.

      • Reposted from GT Nation by Shaun Kilkenny

        Gran Turismo Sport Super Bundle Includes a Real Mazda MX-5

        Also included: a 4K TV, PSVR, racing wheel, cockpit, and more!

      • Reposted from Home Of F1 by Shaun Kilkenny

        1966-2017: Every single McLaren F1 livery on the 2017 car

        From Bruce to Emerson, James to Ayrton, Mika to Lewis - and everything in between

      • Reposted from The Ferrari Tribe by Shaun Kilkenny

        This guy bought a €2 million LaFerrari but he will never be able to drive it

        LaFerrari prototype

      • Reposted from Mike's Mechanics by Shaun Kilkenny

        Clarkson's GQ Awards speech is the stuff of legend

        Hammond has probably had a bit too much gin

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        Reposted from Home Of F1 by Shaun Kilkenny

        Can you imagine an F1 Grand Prix in Bathurst?

        Jenson Button F1 lap at Mount Panorama Circuit in Australia

      • Reposted from Shifting Lanes by Shaun Kilkenny

        Designer Combines The Front & Rear Ends Of Cars And It Is Strangely Awesome

        Combining the front and rear axles into one produces some interesting looking results

      • Reposted from Today's Top News by Shaun Kilkenny

        Toyota's miniature pick-up truck fleet lends athletes a helping hand

        Small Hilux models are being used to retrieve items such as discuses and javelins during throwing events at th...

      • Reposted from GT Nation by Shaun Kilkenny

        Peek Inside Will Smith's $2.5 Million, Two-Story Trailer

        22 wheels, 14 TVs, and 1,200 square feet