Chasing Suns

Chris Breeden
More racing related, than car specific, but this kind of thing seems to be happening all over the U.S.
@Tribe, The time has finally come! I'll be writing and posting more often now that I've free'd up some time and I'd like to get to know some more about my followers and get to know what they are interested in! If you'd like to drop some backstory on these few things I'd like to get more familiar with everyone. :)
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  • I'd also like for everyone to check out this restoration project taking place near my place of work, it's a challenge but a worth while project indeed!
    Chris Breeden
    Looking forward to seeing your new stuff man!
    @tribe how do you feel about this? Mclaren refusing the create an SUV like they're competitors. I think it's a bold move but a brave display we need to see from those who choose to stick to their roots yes? Tell me what you think in the comments. #ChasingSuns
    Agreed. I think this whole SUV craze is getting a bit out of hand. We could use a proper sedan, saloon, or even maybe a practical and attainable coupe for the masses instead of another SUV. Would be nice to make fun cars again.
    @Tribe I've finally come around to putting down a primer of what it can be like getting an improper detail done to your car using these 2 beautiful Corvette Stingrays as an example. Take a moment to arm yourself with some knowledge and leave a comment if you have any questions pertaining to the subject. Enjoy the article. 😁🤘🏼 #ChasingSuns
    Chris Breeden
    Day 2 short story is up, Day 2 video out tomorrow, full length article on Monday! Check it out!
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