Chasing Suns

lol thanks!
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  • Good morning ladies and gents 🤘🏼

    I hope is having an excellent morning, I'm looking for some good reads this morning!

    I wanna see what's some of your favorite media and material either on Drive Tribe or some of your favorite outlets.

    I want to be introduced to some new and fresh things so please feel free to tag me in something that catches your eye! @Tribe I'll be dropping some more coverage later today so stay tuned if you love fast cars and a good time. ALOHA!
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  • Afternoon guys! Thanks for waiting up for me. :D I hope everyones been well and I've got the new event feature up on DRT 2019! You can find me and on the scene and I've got more coming soon after along other features pertaining to the cars and people around the event all together. Stay tuned and keep the good times rollin'! @Tribe
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  • I coudln't believeI was the only other person to have the opportunity to see the interior of this car 🤯🤯🤯 #ChasingSuns @Tribe Exclusive.
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  • So I got some cool and wild news, I've got a gent who has an ORIGINAL Shelby Cobra signed by Carroll himself. I think you might enjoy this and could probably use some of your knowledgeable help on this one. 👌🏼😁
    Good morning @Tribe!

    I'm looking to read other peoples content! If you don't mind shooting me some of your most favored or loved posts from either your own work or the work of others please, send it my way!
    I've just posted this so figured I'd post it! I'll have to scour some of my favourite posts on DriveTribe when I get home because I have come across some great content on here by others.
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  • I appreciate it! I'll check it out for my first morning read. 👌🏼😃

    Good Morning @Tribe!
    Good evening @Tribe!

    I want your opinion, what's your favorite widebody and why?

    Don't like em wide? Give us your piece of mind in the comments.

    #ChasingSuns #Poll
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  • Thatotaku 2006
    Rocket bunny RX7 FD, Rocket bunny V2 GT86/BRZ,Rocket bunny S15,pandem R32, RWB Kei kishi,LB huracan
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    We now have the ability to turn on notifications for our favorite content creators and tribes!

    Definitely happy to hear these changes and I've already turned on my notifications for my favorites and I encourage you to all do the same and never miss a beat!

    Thank you guys for your continued support and I can't wait bring more awesome coverage and opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

    Turn on those post notifications and get ready for some fun.

    - HAN

    #ChasingSuns @Tribe
    Cherry Cat
    Yes!! thats great news
    Let's start the morning off with a good reason to shine and a family who has helped perfect something that could help your car do the same!

    Check out my most recent feature which is now LIVE!

    And remember, every bump is a fist bump! 😏🤜🏼🤛🏼❤

    Thanks for your continued support!

    #ChasingSuns #NewFeature
    @TRIBE It's ALIVE!!!
    Tuner Evo, Eibach Meet and more are all coming soon.

    Just trying to figure how I'd like to go about posting these up.

    Stay tuned for some of the hottest imports to ever hit the streets.
    @Tribe ❤🥂
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  • Expect a slow turn over from me @Tribe, I currently starting my own business and I've been focused on getting stuff done via Instagram and Facebook but I'll mostly be writing articles on occasion from here on for the tribe and might drop some photo coverage.

    If you enjoy the content, let's talk more about what you enjoy.

    I want to know what peeks your interest or if there's anything you'd like to know.

    Contact me directly for any questions or concerns but others than that, have an amazing day and Happy Mothers Day ya'll!
    what sort of business?
    I've come to open up my own detailing service. I've worked 6 years as a professional detailer and have decided to do it for myself.
    Sorry for the late reply, I hate how we never get notifications for chats dude.
    I've been working on that and putting posting on the side for DT lately.
    Cool! Good luck! If you have any questions on the business side let me know.
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  • I appreciate it man!

    I'm starting off slow and figuring what direction I want to go in and with Love Bug season coming up, it's gonna be a busy month ahead. 😂🍻
    @Tribe Hope everyone has been well, I have a question for anyone who dabbles in detailing.

    What's your favorite detailing products and why? I'm curious about Gyeon Quartz, Has anyone used it before?
    You're probably going to want to do some testing for yourself and check out product comparisons on youtube. Most people I know have only ever used what the company they work for happens to buy.
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  • Josh Wilkerson
    I've worked for 2 places as a detailer I work for tephseal right now but where I worked before we used products from O Reilly's called superior products. It actually worked really good. They come in 1 gallon jugs, called dirt buster "soap" ZAP IT "shampoo" cover all "tires and plastics" wire wheel cleaner "acid" it all worked very well better than what I use at this company.
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  • I do hear you on that. I was the same till I started to venture out to other products and came to understand things better and what not to use for our cars.

    I like Gyeon, Adams Polishs, Chemical Guys, Ardex, Mothers, Turtle Wax has some good stuff, and there's a few others as well.

    I'll actually check that stuff out cause the biggest thing of when it comes to detailing is the fact of just having these products on hand if you need to replenish your resources.

    I'm gonna take a look at O'Reilly's and check out those products.

    I appreciate the heads up guys. 🤙🏼
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  • Morning @Tribe!

    Hope everyones having a good start to there day, I've got some stuff to post out and some news to read up on but if you have anything interesting you've posted, drop it here and let me take a look!

    I wanna see what you guys have been up to. 😁🤙🏼
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