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Excited about the potential cash to roll in via the advertising that's been implemented here on drivetribe, happy days...
All posts in my tribes are GUARANTEED social media SHARING so you get FULL coverage on Twitter and Facebook...
@tribe what's happened to Brian Dafarmer, why has he changed his pic and name to wwwww aaaaaaa!? and all his tribes are deleted??
every single post that he posted in all my tribes has vanished!!!
Charles North
No idea
somebody said family commitments apparently!
Charles North
Ahhh. Ok.
Brandy Banken made a post about it, look at her profile and you will see it
@tribe time to post your extremely best stuff!
Charles North
what best stuff?
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  • Kevin Nicks
    A short vid of my amazing hydraulic suspension on the @fastestshed
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  • Coolio! Is it voice activated lol?
    @tribe post your best of the best stuff on the main wall, you know you want too...
    Kevin Nicks
    The first car meet of the year in the much improved 'Fastest Shed'
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  • hello
    How's it hanging?
      Drop to upload media