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    D​ont Turn Right: Adidas x Nascar

    F​or this years NBA All Star weekend Adidas took inspiration from Bristol, Dayton and Indy. Whether you enjoy ...

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    A​m I The Only One Missing Summer Drives?

    With the weather in New York either snowing, raining or freezing I find myself longing for a long summer cruis...

  • Got the specs on my 2019 Lamborghini Urus! Delivery set for March 🙌🏻.... #Lamborghini #Urus #SSUV #Drivetrib...

  • DAM Auto&Lifestyle will be returning shortly with bi-weekly (Twice a week) pieces! The days are not set yet bu...

  • How Louis Vuitton Changed Travel

    Louis Vuitton..... Louis, Vuitton. You can say it to yourself a million times and it won't lose that flirtatio...

  • I don't know about you but I adore music and 911s. That combination can be strange but when brought together i...

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    Massive Changes For The Grand Tour Season 2 | TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE

    There are plenty of changes coming to the second season of The Grand Tour. Let's discuss them.

  • A few days ago I took a look at some newly released sweatpants. These sweatpants gave you the opportunity to b...

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    The next Audi RS7 shifts the benchmark for super-saloons with 700bhp

    Audi’s head of design has confirmed that the new model will come in two very powerful flavours

  • Well I'd say this is a good way to enjoy a Saturday night in... #lifestyle #Grandtour #may #hammond #clarkson

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    The new 911 GT3 with Touring Package is only available with a six-speed manual. Because we were listening.

  • As fall begins and turbo weather starts rolling through it only fits to take a look at some recently released ...

  • Over the years we've seen car companies dive into other transportation categories. There have been bikes, scoo...

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    Video: Ask Me Anything

    James & I will be live at 2pm BST tomorrow unveiling something quite special.