Dirt Sunrise

  • Nazca, Peru

    This week we head to see the Nazca Lines, but a dust storm has other plans for us!

  • Dakar Dunes of Peru

    This week we explore the vast dunes of Peru, visit an over-hyped Instagram Oasis and help some locals get unst...

  • Tire Review and Quarantine Drinking Game

    Tim reviews the tires we've used to Overland from Mexico to Argentina while starting an accidental drinking ga...

  • Desert Oasis, Peru

    This week we explore the dunes, hunt for parts for our truck and offroad to a Desert Oasis named Laguna Moron!

  • Overland as a Quadriplegic

    We all have challenges keeping us from doing our dream trip. These brothers have few more than most, but don't...

  • Paracas National Reserve, Peru

    This week we get back to remote camping near the beach in the Paracas National Reserve.

  • Back to Peru, back to adventure!

    This week we're excited to go back to our rolling home, Goose, waiting for us in Lima, Peru

  • Vehicle Recovery on the Whipsaw Trail.

    A trail run turns into a several day vehicle recovery.

  • Overland Rallies!

    We head to Washington and then to Canada to teach at the Overland Rallies!

  • Training the Military

    This week we head to Moab, UT to train US Special Operations Units how to offroad.