Dirty Diesels

Dirty Diesels

From well kept daily drivers to madly modded coal rollers...

Richie Jeffs

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      • Reposted from Jeremy Clarkson's Tribe by Richie Jeffs

        Grand Tour season 2: Update after Hammond's CRASH

        Here's what it means for the next season

        Jeremy Clarkson in Jeremy Clarkson's Tribe
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        10 Stunning cars that featured pop-up headlights

        10 awesome cars that will make you miss Pop-up headlights

        Poddy Mallett in The Classic Life
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        F1: why no overtaking and are bigger wings the answer?

        Why do modern f1 cars struggle to overtake? its to do with highly loaded wings & aero surfaces forced by years...

        Craig Scarborough in Everything Technical
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        Quiz: Can you name the F1 track from Google Earth?

        How well do you know the Formula 1 circuits?

        Rob Burnett in Home Of F1
      • Reposted from Home Of F1 by Richie Jeffs

        Just 20 days until the lights go out in Melbourne

        Rob Burnett in Home Of F1
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        QUIZ: Can you match the car manufacturer to the model?

        Anything over 17 out of 20 is motoring genius

        James King in Quiz Nation
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        What % James May are you?

        I've built a quiz to help you find out...

        James May in James May's Carbolics
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        What % Richard Hammond Are you?

        Are you sure you want to know?

        Richard Hammond in Hammond's Fob Jockeys
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        Top Memes Mods in Funny Car Memes
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        Here is one of the many reasons why we love this trio........ the difference is clear.....

        Adan Ali in Grand Tour
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        Carroll Shelby's creation

        Paul Calugaroiu in Wheel Warriors
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        Ryan Beck in Funny Car Memes
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        Many fans are complaining about "the american" and they are right. This "character" just isn't funny and he do...

        Dirk Imhäuser in Grand Tour
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        Up close with the Bugatti Chiron

        Jethro Bovingdon in Team DriveTribe
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        The best part of racing

        Hint: It isn't the money or the girls

        Max Fish in Pedantic Publishing
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        Haha on my Amazon box today...

        Stacey Watkins in Grand Tour
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        The brabham boys on sky f1

        Johnny Herbert in Sky Sports F1
      • My Mrs just joined the Dirty Diesel gang 😁 just time to plan a remap for her now 😋

        Richie Jeffs in Dirty Diesels