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      • Reposted from The Classic Life by Dubya Stephenson

        That Day We Hung Out With Some Car Bloke

        Richard Hammond on his collection, driving... and Oliver.

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        Look what Lego's built now

        The new mclaren 720S joins lego's speed Champions

      • Reposted from Fantasy Auto by Dubya Stephenson

        I started with this hobby exactly 12 years ago today

        Some of the concepts and just simply weird things I've done over the years

      • Reposted from James May's Carbolics by Dubya Stephenson

        Small cheeseburger

        Mclaren 540c. Not the big mac, Just a fun-sized snack item.

      • Reposted from Porsche by Dubya Stephenson

        On this day, 30 January 1951: Dr Ferdinand Porsche died at the age of 75. A maverick and a visionary, Porsche ...

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        THE D_TRB REVIEW: Aston Martin Vanquish S

        With the launch of the brilliant DB11, Aston’s Vanquish was looking out-manoeuvred. Now? Not so much…

      • Reposted from James May's Carbolics by Dubya Stephenson

        Great car, short name

        How much info do I need before i take you seriously?