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    "IT'S ALIVE!!" // A90 Gets Heart Transplant!

    (PHOTOS SOURCED FROM: 1320Video.com) IT'S BEEN COMPLETED! The whole internet has raged on about how Toyota had...

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    This Mustang just drifted the entire 'Ring!

    Vaughan Gittin Jnr today has released video of his recent attempt at drifting the entire length of the Nürburg...

  • Finally some progress on my shitbox after sitting for a month behind my ex’s house. Motor and trans pulled, pr...

  • It's more than just a hobby

    When it comes to drifting and events, it's more than just a hobby for most, and it's a great part of the car s...

  • The Race to Drift Matsuri

    With Drift Matsuri only a month away, and tickets still not released, will the guys get their cars finished in...

  • The Drifthers Series: Natalie Younger

    For the second part of our Drifthers series, I spoke to Natalie Younger about how she got into drifting and he...

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    Christos Chatzaras-My favorite drifter Christos Chatzaras is a 33 year old drifter from my country,Greece.His...

  • The Drifthers Series: Louise

    To kickstart my series of interviews with female drifters, it would only make sense to start with my partner i...

  • What's on in February

    Don't get bored over the February period, there's enough events to keep you busy.

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    When an Anime is based on Reality - The Real Initial D

    Initial D is a Japanese Manga made to an Anime Series, featuring a teenage boy drifting through the mountains ...

  • Our Drift Taxis doing what they do best! Check us out on Facebook and at our website!!

  • Autosport International 2018 – Drifting, Supercars and Classics

    Autosport International 2018 is finally over, but it's lead the way for more exciting events over 2018.

  • BDC & IDC 2018 dates have been released

    The biggest drift events in the UK have finally released their dates. Mark your calendars!

  • What's on in January

    The beginning of the year might be a little quiet, but there's still drifting events on to keep you busy!