Electric News

  • Ford takes a direct shot at Tesla with new electric vehicle charging network

    This could spell big trouble for Tesla in cars and elsewhere

  • The 2019 Nobel Prize winners and the electric cars they paved way for

    The men behind the Lithium-ion battery have just been announced as winners of the 2019 Nobel Prize. Here are 5...

  • Lunaz: the electrification of classics

    Lunaz, engineering and luxury masterminds from F1, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Jaguar, VW & McLaren bring back life...

  • Could explosions actually make EVs safer?

    Bosch figures triggering explosions might make EVs safer in a crash

  • The Taycan could be faster around the Nürburgring

    Porsche didn't take the most powerful version of the car to the track

  • First look: This is what Volvo's first EV will look like

    The new electric XC40 has been shown off by the company

  • Tesla v10.0 Software Update

    We still find it hard to comprehend that these cars actually get updates which improves it as a whole every ti...