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unless your willing to spend a bomb in maintaining it
Of course. All the SUVs I mentioned suffer that.
fingers crossed
Most challenging to maintain
That's why I'd first want something like an Octavia vRS (you knew I was coming here, didn't you?)
cayenne, x5, lc 200, prado, enedeavor, fortuner
this is what comes to mind when someone says SUVs. this and the 80 series cruisers
spotted it today
loved these
yeah. A friend just sold his
good specs too
paint looks a bit uneven
check your comments responded to you
I saw. Thank you for replying. Any thoughts on my response?
responded as well
it’s Business Metallic Grey
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  • Finally watched Ford V Ferrari this weekend.
    I still have to watch it
    your friend sold his Lexus LX 470?
    I dont think so why?
    I drove this over the weekend
    what was this message in context to?
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  • review sir!
    ... cooking something up for the Ignis.
    looking forward to it! Get the right to the motowalla theme song! Could be your signature track for all review videos!
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    • Drop to upload media