Luke Sayers
Luke Sayers | DriveTribe
Is the Aston Martin DBX the king of luxury SUV’s? Let’s be honest with ourselves here, luxury SUV’s have never lived up to the idea that we all create in our head. We always expect a car that has the speed of a Bugatti Veyron with the practicality of a Mercedes E class estate. They’re a bit like when you’ve had a few too many at the pub and you take home a girl who you think is a 10, but in the morning you realise she’s more of a 6, just never as good as you had in your head. However, I believe the new Aston Martin DBX is the exception to the rule. I mean, just look at it. Those sleek lines, that quintessential Aston Martin grille (which is in fact the largest grille ever fitted to an Aston Martin) and to top it all off that pointless, yet wonderful ducktail spoiler. This thing is drop dead gorgeous. This car has been developed in order to tackle the likes of the aggressive looking Lamborghini Urus and the car with a face only a mother could love, the Bentley Bentayga. Both of these cars are respected in their own right as the Lamborghini is for the man-children of this world who believe rose hand tattoos and oversized shoes make you “cool” and the Bentley is for the man who is on his third elderly nappy of the day and it’s only 2 o’clock. Whereas, I believe the Aston sits perfectly in the middle. It will please those man-children as the DBX is carrying a 4 litre, twin turbocharged V8 which is the same engine found in the new Aston Martin Vantage, however it has a slight advantage (see what I did there) as it is pushing out 542bhp and 516 lb ft of torque, 39 more bhp than it’s sports car counterpart and a 11 lb ft more torque. This means that middle aged men can still accelerate hard and make a lot of noise down busy high streets in order to make up for whatever they are lacking in the downstairs area. This car will also please the older gentleman as for all intents and purposes, this car is still an Aston Martin. It’s still gorgeously finished inside, it’s comfortable as it has features such as adaptive cruise control and finally, just look at the thing. This is without a doubt the best looking SUV you will see on the road. The car also features the new MBUX entertainment system that is found in the newest Mercedes cars which is arguably the most intuitive system that is out there, and with the price starting at £158,000, it is perfectly priced compared to its rivals. In conclusion, this new Aston Martin DBX is exactly what we wish for when thinking of luxury SUV’s. It’s fast, it’s practical as it has a larger boot than what you find on a Bentley Bentayga or even a Range Rover for that matter and it is unquestionably beautiful. This car is exciting and with the talks of a V12 variant being launched in the coming years, things are going to get very exciting, very exciting indeed.
Jonathan Polley
Any idea how to find out how many were made in this color? Toyota, after absorbing the FR-S from the folded Scion, only sold it for it's first year as the 86 in H8R Hot Lava, 2017. I've heard less than 50 are in the states. But Toyota doesn't share build numbers.
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