Driving in Europe

Jakob Čop
You could try Austria-Slovenia-Italy, one of the most beautiful combinations.
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  • Vlad Panchenko
    Hi all! A few days ago I was driving through Denmark and got blinking "Din Fart" table with my speed 59 kmph (while 50 limit). Can you tell me plz, was that a speed camera (and I've got trapped) or that was just an alert?
    Zold Fulu
    Pt 2 is coming soon...
    Dane Knowles
    Hello everyone, I'm planning to drive from Como Italy to Interlarken Switzerland next month. Can anyone recommend a good road through the mountain's? Cheers
    Mick Sheppard
    It depends on how long you want to take. I'd head into Switzerland to Airolo and the Gotthard Pass, from there drop down and take a left toward Realp and go over the Furka Pass, finally over the Grimsel to approach Interlaken from the East along the lake.
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