Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue

All things EV... We gonna rock down to...Electric Avenue* (* via rapid charger)

  • Tesla Model 3 orders go online in the UK

    Elon Musk dropped on Twitter that the UK configurator would go live in May. True to his word it did on May 1. ...

  • '35K' Tesla Model 3 reviewed

    Great video by Alex on Autos on the 'sort of' 35K Model 3 that Elon promised. Clearly it's an artificially low...

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    Why Electric Cars Are So Cheap To Drive

    How Does A Tesla Model 3 Affect Your Electric Bill?

  • 35,000 dollar baby

    The 'affordable' $35,000 Model 3 that Elon has been promising finally arrives but it comes at a cost...

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    We always knew that Tesla was on borrowed time as mainstream manufacturers watched and learned. Could this 'mo...

  • So...not quite £35,000

    Shades of XC40 meets Jaguar i-Pace with the Polestar 2. However the launch vehicles for the first 12 months ar...

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    Which electric cars to watch out for in 2019

    2019 promises to be electrifying

  • The UK needs a £39,999.99 Model 3 please Elon...

    Idle thumbs led to us building a Model 3 on the German online configurator tonight. Even with the €10,000 elec...