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    G​reat car, crap vid

    O​ur man with a face from the middle ages drives a thoroughly modern motor

  • Why battery electric cars are better than ICE & hydrogen powered cars

    During my trip through Africa, I realised the true benefits of an electric car...

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    Why aren't you buying an electric car?

    It's time we looked at the facts

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    Electric Explorer African Challenge 2018 :)

    On the 21st May with my African LEAF, I reached the edge of Africa and completed the first ever overland trip ...

  • Road trips in Electric Vehicles (where there are no dedicated charging stations)

    Testing Nissan LEAF 30kWh around Eastern Poland before Electric Explorere African Challenge 2018

  • LEAF's 10000 km

    My African LEAF clocked just over 10,000 km. The machine works fine, the battery is holding up and there are n...

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    The DT Awards 2017 - the winners are revealed

    Gold-bodied men with outsized heads have an announcement to make

  • Electric Explorer African Challenge

    I have exciting news to announce: another adventure that I had been thinking about for a long time, and which ...