European Classics

European Classics

Third generation BMW owner and enthusiast, Tribe open to all Euro car lovers!

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    Turns out the E36 is the best BMW M3 – Well, this one is

    Move over E46, there's an old king in town

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    The loneliest Porsche in the world?

    A 90 minute flight from New Zealand lies Norfolk Island – one of the smallest, remotest islands in the Pacific...

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    This stunning 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB prototype is up for sale

    You'll need at least $6m…

  • The Most Attractive Italian Classic

    [Series 1: The 2000 Berlina] 'What Makes the Alfa Romeo Berlina so Iconic and Beautiful' [Car Review]

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    Air cooled masterpiece the Porsche 911

    A classic Porsche 911 air cooled engine with just the right amount of 'tweaking'. #porschepassion #porsche #po...

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    Forgotten icon: Abarth 1500 Biposto Coupe

    I'm guessing this is how Italians would design a UFO

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    My E30 318is. 100%. Stock, 112.000 km's and first paint. Bought the car in Croatia and drove it on myself to B...

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    Video: Evolution of the BMW 3-Series

    Has there ever been an ugly 3-Series? I think not.

  • New Tribe: 'European Classics'

    Any European Cars from the 2000s and Earlier! History, Polls, Specs and Anything else Classic Euro Car Related

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    Charly Lamm represents the success of BMW and the Schnitzer team in GT and touring car racing like no one else...

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    This is the first supercar

    The iconic Mercedes-Benz 300 SL from 1954 was the fastest production car of its day and offered racing technol...

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    Ex-James Hunt Merc might be the coolest classic ever

    I'd give the back seats a wash first

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    The Volkswagen Citi Golf, one of the most iconic cars in South Africa. Discontinued in 2009 the Citi Golf is s...