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    What you’re looking at is the 1250 horsepower Tachyon Speed, parked outside Gold’s Gym in LA. Apparently 1 of ...

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    A Young Curmudgeon's 2200 km Electric Car Road Trip to Scotland

    A snapshot of pushing an electric car out of its comfort zone in 2019 and what the future could look like base...

  • In the past year Walmart already has installed 120 electric vehicle charging stations in 34 states with most l...

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    Can you name the car from the interior?

    Car interior quizzz

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    Cruzer Control: Meet the coolest eBike in the world

    Forget boring commuter machines, Barcelona-based Rayvolt creates battery-powered cycles that ooze custom cool

  • Texas is considering whether to impose additional registration fees on electric and hybrid vehicles, following...

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    Blue Shock Race after first Latvian National Electric Kart Championship 2018 did new developments and made new...

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    Jaguar Is Making An Electric E-Type. Great Idea Or Work Of The Devil?

    After the electric 911 incited fury in the automotive world not too long ago, is an electric Jag a great way o...

  • D​o Electric Cars Emit Particulate Matter?

    D​RIVETRIBE, I need your help!

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    2019 Paris E-Prix (Season 5 - Race 8) - Full Race

    Watch: 2019 Paris E-Prix (Season 5 - Race 8) - Full Race