Explosive Cut-away's

Explosive Cut-away's

Because it's what's on the inside that counts. Körperwelten for car's and bikes.


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      • Reposted from Parts And Crafts by Xavier van Velzen

        My "Exploded View" Un-Do-It-Yourself

        A summer ProjectInspired by James May's "The Reassembler"

      • Reposted from Dyler Classics by Xavier van Velzen

        Disintegrating II: The ‘Slowest High-Speed’ Images Ever Captured

        “Disintegrating” is series of unique photographs. The main “characters” are famous and iconic sports cars as B...

      • Reposted from James May's Carbolics by Xavier van Velzen

        Office engine build

        Right here, on the carpet. with drinks and snacks. Monster.

      • Reposted from Godron's Garage by Xavier van Velzen

        You thought a cut away porsche was cool? Wait until you see this prius...

        I've always been ScEPTICAL about Toyota's Prius, but after reading James May's review of the new Japanese hybr...

      • Reposted from Engineering Explained by Xavier van Velzen

        Opposed piston 2 stroke diesel engine animation

        Opposed piston 2 stroke diesel engine animation (Junkers Jumo 205 concept)

      • Reposted from Today's Top News by Xavier van Velzen

        Ferrari to teach new kids old tricks

        Want to learn to work on classic Ferraris but not sure where to start? Here's one possibility...

      • Reposted from Goodwood Road & Racing by Xavier van Velzen

        We had a 635 CSi when I was growing up...sadly it was not this one. Arguably one of the best works liveries i...