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    Ford's 'game style' autonomous car control could be the future

    Any good with Mario Kart? You should be totally fine with Ford's new idea. No blue shells needed

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    How do self-driving cars actually work?

    The technology they use is fascinating.

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    Honda are spending $2.8bn on a self-driving car project with GM

    General Motors, Cruise (GM's autonomous divison) and Honda announced the deal enthusiastically.

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    The UK launches the first autonomous cars legislation

    After the first death caused by an autonomous cars, the UK decided to apply the first effective AI liability t...

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    Ford shares its vision of self-driving semi trucks

    The F-Vision is a fully electric self-driving smei truck

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    This self-driving car was made 50 years before Tesla

    A Continental project that turned out to be the pioneer of autonomous driving

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    Mercedes has invented a headlight that talks to people on the street

    It can do some pretty cool stuff!

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    Mercedes has made a self-driving electric van and it's baffling

    Called the Vision URBANETIC, it is aggressively futuristic.

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    The Autonomous Volvo 360c - Why fly when you can be driven?

    The future of autonomous travel could well be here..