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Guess that is Vettel's race
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Scott Elliott | DriveTribe
‪Now that both the drivers and constructors championships are decided for 2019 Lewis can enjoy the last two races with his gloves off. But what is happening for the rest of the field? Bottas: secure in second, so the same as Lewis not a lot to lose, but I’m sure he’d like to close the gap of only 4 wins this year to Lewis’ 10 so far. He’s racing for pride! Le Clerc/Verstappen/Vettel: with 249/235/230 points respectively they are fighting for third place as we head to Brazil. But there is a bit more going on here. Firstly, the inter team battle at Ferrari is huge, Le Clerc wants to end the year ahead of a 4 time world champion and start to put his own market down to show the team he is the future of Ferrari! Vettel wants to stamp authority over his young upstart off a team mate and resume normal order, but 19 points is a big gap to close for Seb with only 2 races. Added to this mix is Verstappen, sitting in the middle points wise he knows that both he and Le Clerc are the future of F1 (with others who really need to emerge more still) and do this is a battle for the future. People will look back to this year as the year where their rivalry in F1 came from. These two could be explosive, both are hard racers and we’ve seen some antics this year from each. Could their own battle result in their own downfall allowing Vettel to get past both of them? Albon: he’s impressed this year and along with Le Clerc and Verstappen he’s going to be the future of F1. He’s racing for two things firstly is his Red Bull Seat for 2020 to lose, he needs to bring it home a secure 6th place. At the sands time, he needs to start to push Max so if he gets a glimmer of a gap he’s got to go for it. 6th in the championship is his target to secure, but he could be a bit more cautious. Down the rest of the field they are fighting for best of the rest, but there isn’t really much to gain or lose on the drivers front. It’s really about beating you team mate as it has been all year long, the action is at the front. That said if the front runners have a few tangles we could see shine surprise points on the table for the mid field. In the constructors championship the top four are steeped with Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and a resurgent McLaren taking the top spots. However, the place is up for grabs, Renault sit only 18 points ahead of Racing Point who are only 1 point ahead of Torro Rosso. It would only take a coming together at the front of the field and we could see shine big changes between these teams, of course that’s if they don’t come together themselves which has to be said isn’t uncommon. I expect Renault to hold 5th but the fight for 6th will be an interesting one, it might even be decided by someone doing a late pit stop if they have a gap begins later in the race for fresh rubber and that extra point for fastest lap! So is to be interesting, will Lewis back off now he’s done the job or continue to push after Schumacher’s records? Will Bottas go into the winter with the final two wins? Who will emerge in third? And who will leave the season thinking what could have been? This weekend might answer some or all of the questions in Brazil, but hopefully leave most of them to Abu Dhabi two weeks later for an explosive finale.
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Grosjean survived the first corner It's a miracle incredible
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