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  • Haas working slightly different to avoid repeat of F1 2019 in 2020

    The Haas chief says they are working differently to avoid any mistakes.

  • What did FIA change in its rules to prevent DAS-like feature in 2021?

    The governing body seems to have got a change which will prevent DAS-like feature in 2021.

  • F1 2020, Barcelona Test 1: Lap count of all, best times and other details

    Here's a complete chart of all the statistical details from first test.

  • B​inotto less optimistic about 2020 than he was 2019

    Mattia Binotto expressed less optimism for Ferrari in 2020 than he had last year at this point.

  • R​ussell: trouble-free testing was important psychologically

    George Russell says a trouble-free run for Williams in the pre-season test was psychologically important.