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      • 'You drive a Kia and you're a car person?'

        My thoughts on Korea's first warm hatch and why you should consider owning one, from a person you've never hea...

      • Reposted from Ford Fiesta Owners Club by Ben Koenig

        W​elcome to the Fiesta Owners' Club

        T​his is the place to be to post photos, stories, questions and anything you want to about your current Fiesta...

      • Reposted from CarsGuide by Ben Koenig

        The manual Golf GTI is now extinct, so I bought one of the last of its kind

        It's love!

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        I’ve made no secret of the fact I love the N series range from Hyundai. Ever since I took the i30N for a blast...

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        Renault Mégane R26.R: The Power of 'R'

        Driving this is on the top portion of the bucket list of many

      • Reposted by Ben Koenig

        What the Up! Needs to Stay Alive

        The Up! is one of Volkswagens best small cars, but its at risk if going away

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        Why the Ford Fiesta ST is a great car, but a disappointing hot-hatch

        Love the Fiesta? Let me tell you why you are probably wrong...