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So hot hatch enthusiasts, would you buy the new Leon Cupra R?
Tell me yes or no, and why - it'll be great to hear your thoughts
@tribe - Check out my latest post, in which I have a quick spin in the new Toyota Yaris GRMN
Tejas Kokcha
Will definitely check it out
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  • Here's a sneak peek of the car to whet your appetite
    @tribe, be sure to check my two latest posts, both of which contain two hot hatches from Peugeot
    @tribe, this week I'm lucky enough to be testing the brand new Ford Fiesta ST - what questions would you like me to answer about it?
    @tribe, no questions about the new ST? Surely that can't be right?! C'mon guys, don't be shy, ask away!
    Black Flame
    Nope, alreay own and love one but have fun Aaron ๐Ÿป
    @tribe My review of the new Ford Fiesta ST is now published, so be sure to check it out! The video is also going live on my YouTube channel (Car Obsession) today.
    @tribe Hi all, tomorrow at 8pm (UK time) I'll be hosting a live Q and A on my Car Obsession YouTube channel, so if you have any questions, be sure to turn up!
    @tribe Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Tejas Kokcha
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