Italian Passion

Italian Passion

All the Italian beauty's you photographed, taken in Italia or elsewhere.

Jeroen Scholten

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        Is t​he 812 Superfast the last real Ferrari?

        A​ Ferrari with a V12 is like royalty. Basically, even if you don't like it, you respect it. Even more esteem ...

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        If you enjoyed my article on the Alfa Romeo Montreal, "Face to face with a childhood hero." via @DRIVETRIBE h...

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        Decisions.Decisions.Aneesh and a couple of Lambos at Westfield Shopping Centre,White City,earlier today. #Lamb...

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        This chap from Brazil built himself an AVENTADOR... kind of

        His took his Fiat Uno and made his dream car out of it.

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        Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Evo at the NY Auto show! Pics by me!

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        Ferrari and Pierre Bardinon : a beautiful story that ends sadly.

        How the mark with the cars marked with the Prancing Horse, is found in the middle of a dispute family ?

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        Top 15 most beautiful Italian four-door saloons of all time

        The Italians rarely get it wrong with design

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        Watch An Aventador SV Get This Corner Terribly Wrong!

        That's Gotta Hurt!