James May's Carbolics

Sam Bunjan
I just watched the most recent edition of Male time period I was saddened that the item I had sent you was not in the feature. What do you do with items that you received that you don't give out?
Ruben Hire
Hello James. I would love to have the hot wheels Lamborghini Centanario please. When I was a kid i had many hot wheels, but my mother gave them away to my cousins. I always remember how happy i used to be playing with them.
Thank you. And I love your shows so much.
Steven Reyna
I'd love to have the HMS Hood for my room. I'm a lover of all things naval and the model would find an excellent home in my possession.
Sam Wolfenden
James - just watched mail time and would love the die-cast model of HMS Hood for my History classroom. Each morning, I show my form class clips from Top Gear Specials, DriveTribe etc, instead of attending to more worthy but tedious admin. My classroom already has a model of the Bismark, but no HMS Hood, which is a crying shame. Budgets are tight, so unless I am gifted one, the Kriegsmarine will rule the roost. So come on - do it for Britain!
Ritchie Lee
Dr. May...Remember that time you had that fish stuck up your cock cos it swam up there when we where in the rainforest?
Adam Chumley
Dear Mr may I love the grand tour and drive tribe I would like the photo to show my friends I think it is amazing
Adam Chumley
I love ferucheo Lamborghini
Sam Booty
Do it for Britain 😂 @samwolfenden gets my vote! James, have you ever seen a mosquito with wooden legs kicking the dimples off a pickle?
Ethan Fridman
yesterday 1:05am
James I would very much enjoy covering up the empty wall in my room with the exciting faces of the gt gang. it’s what i would call a “conversation starter”
Adam Chumley
yesterday 1:19am
Let me know who you choose
Clint Peterson
yesterday 1:44am
May— You may think that head swap canvas is awful, but I have the perfect spot for it in my theatre room/living room. Here's to a bit of luck that you'll send that ridiculous thing my way.

Nate Clark
yesterday 3:27am
Dr. May, I would really like to have the car storage bins. Matchbox cars and Top Gear (from the good ol days ;) ) are definitely what started my love/obsession for cars and all that's changed since is my cars got a little bigger and I have an Amazon Prime membership :). If you could send me that excellent invention I will put to use as well as put it somewhere it can be seen and enjoyed. Thank you Sir.
Evan Meyer
yesterday 10:48am
Sir Ranulph May–

I am an American studying abroad in scenic Lancs, or as Hammond called it, God's cupboard under the stair. It would be a pleasure to decorate my flat here in De-Preston, as they call it, with the GT boys' big heads. I'm also up to the challenge of getting that behemoth home to the States with me at the year's end.

All the best,

Nicholas MG
yesterday 11:31am
I’d like that Hot Wheels Ford GT, it has a special place in my heart and having one to stare at may give me the motivation to afford one some day. The story behind the original to this point is so special.
James Craig
yesterday 12:23pm
I'd love a Hot Wheels car, preferably the Ford GT, for my niece and nephew to have their first venture into the motoring word. (Better than a crappy Asda toy car!)
James Craig
yesterday 12:24pm
Tom Gilfeather
yesterday 1:16pm
Dear James, I would love the picture of the 3 Grand Tour Presenters for our student house. The 4 of us often come home from slightly drunken nights out and watch the Grand Tour and Top Gear and this would really complete the décor in our living room, which has been looking a bit bare recently.
Jake Penner
yesterday 3:01pm
Dr. May- I would really like to have any of the Hot-wheels cars. I really like your commentary on shows like The Grand Tour, Our Man in Japan, and the highest of gears, Top Gear. I would prefer the the Ford or Lamborghini, but would be happy with anything. My younger brother (11 years) and love Hot-wheels, they are a part of our childhood. (If you do send something, I would appreciate if you signed it.)
Roy BenYaacov
yesterday 3:49pm
I would like the big picture(with the big heads), because I can place it in my living room as a reminder that if Richard Hammond can have a big brain than everything is possible.
Anton Svensson
yesterday 5:26pm
I would like the big heads picture because my wife allways says she wants more art on the walls. And i want to prove her wrong. Sincerly a man who would like to be right.
Will Greer
yesterday 6:06pm
Dear Mr May, I would like the picture of 3 desperately unattractive men transposing on to each others clothing on my wall because I have loved you three since the age of 5, and I don’t plan on stopping. I currently have an empty wall in my bedroom which I feel needs filling with this picture. It would complete the room. Yours sincerely, Will from Sheffield.
Marina J Simmons
yesterday 8:59pm
James, instead of one of the packages, can I just have you?
Adam Chumley
yesterday 10:35pm
How do we know if we get the thing
Well hello there
Mr. May

I would like the HMS Hood because as a massive history enthusiast I love not only to learn more about our greatest generation but also to collect models and militaria that represent what used to be.
Thank you for reading this,
Matthew Weeks of Richmond British Columbia
Mr Captain Slow - Please bless me with the McLaren 720s hotwheels car. I am a kiwi afterall so it would be coming back home to where it belongs. I've watched top gear since before you were involved and I think that you brought a certain sense of sensibility to it all. I have a Honda super cub as do you which is the best vehicle ever made so we are kindred spirits. Please keep on doing specials as they make life worth living. Cheers !
Mr may
Despite all of that paralyzed driving and taking shower with all honda blessing ....Can't push myself to love you I think you are the most skilled person ihave ever seen
Good luck old super man😅
Correction:cant push myself not to love you
Dear Mr May

I am writing to you, to let you know I'm a huge fan from South Africa and I would love the Lamborghini Centenario Hotwheels car. I'm an avid watcher of Top Gear and The Grand Tour and a big fan of you. I'm asking for the Lamborghini because I want to give it to my younger brother whom adores the manufacturer. Even if I don't win the toy car I would like to thank you for being the reason my brother and I are such big motorheads.

Yours sincerely Hans
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