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    Have a great 2019 Ben & Kids!
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    Thank you Stuart! Much appreciated and you do the same.... Cheers
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    Castle Combe Karting —- Jack Elliott Karting —- Just been karting at Castle Combe, (still an outside track) in the wet, to see if I’m ok to race there. I had to go through the basics, then a track walk being shown what, when and where to break, turn, etc. Highlights video (full video below) Then it was time to go out for lap times. We had about 5 minutes and in the first session I was the fastest of the 4 of us and I was the only 1 not to spin. The second one, I had 1 spin and still fastest; the third no spins and still fastest - even the fastest out of all 12 of us, some have done it before! Then for the 4th and final session: it was a race! We were told where to start and I started 2nd. The light went green and me and 1st didn’t see it but the 2 behind shouted at the other one and I then saw the green light and went. Straight into 1st and lead the whole of the 3-lap race and won it. Then the 2nd race. Starting 3rd. A good start, I thought I was going to go into last but then I was slightly up the inside of 1st & 2nd, - on the 1st corner - there was a bit without any grip and I decided to risk it and go across it and into first. I was leading, with a lead, and spun! They caught me up but I managed to get going again. Another win! No trophies but the maximum amount of wins (2) and I’m now also allowed to enter their championship races. Full video 2 seasons a year, every other week, 10 races (won’t be doing all of them though), best 5 results count. Today is the 2nd race but I’m not doing it today. Hopefully the next one though. But overall a good day today. If you would like more information on supporting Jack please contact us via his @jackelliottkarting

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