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Nate Higgs
Does anyone know the easiest product to upgrade my sat nav/entertainment system on my LR3? The stock systems work with the 4x4 so could I upgrade to whatever system came stock in the lr4 or the new discovery and retain the off road features? To be clear, I do not mean just updating the software with a new disc. I want to upgrade the entire system.
Chris Pacey
So I have gone soft and got myself a 4.4 V8 Vouge leaving this to exess. A genuine G4 Challenge 4.4 V8 Discovery 3 HSE on LPG.
Klapman 1
Simon Evans
So, I've driven to Portsmouth and back today.
467 miles total door to door.
Got 44.2 mpg from my 2012 4.4 TDV8 Westminster.
I think that's pretty good going.
Anyone else hit some decent mpg returns they can share ??.
Damien Moore
A few shots of my recent trip to Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia. Amazing trip but definitely need more time to explore the island.
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