Live And Let Diecast

Camilo Restrepo
The Australia one was the 991.1 GT3 RS
that's awesome! I'll take it! Lol
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  • Scott Nadeau
    Black Friday box arrived!
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  • Aseem Aranake
    yesterday 3:00pm
    Hi guys, new here. Primarily a bike collector , I collect cars as well
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  • Enginerr rrrrrrr
    yesterday 3:04pm
    Glad you made it over !
    Scott Nadeau
    yesterday 3:34pm
    welcome bud!
    TJ Matchthebox
    yesterday 3:36pm
    Wow, didn’t know about this chat till I got a notification from Scott.
    Scott Nadeau
    yesterday 3:51pm
    yep, another great feature of DriveTribe
    Since I'm kind of new to the chat I just wanted to know why there's a '@' before the name and I've read that you can use hashtags but just like Superstarska I'm not exactly sure how to tag your post.
    Nice, my article made it to DT Facebook US
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