Lost In Transmission

Lost In Transmission

Telling the untold stories of unique , forgotten, and unknown cars.

  • The Honda Integra wasn't Originally a Car

    Unknown to most people, the Honda Integra didn't start as a car and still around today... Just not in they way...

  • The Best Sports Coupe For Young Drivers: The Underrated Hyundai Tiburon

    There are a lot of good value sports cars out there, but what if you're on a really tight budget like most you...

  • The Tragic Story of a Classic Car

    1957, Plymouth and Tulsa Oklahoma wanted to create a time capsule with a car. The results were heartbreaking.

  • No Evo? No Problem. The Forgotten Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart

    T​he Lancer Evo is loved in the car community but what should you get if you can't afford one?

  • Is This T​he Ultimate 90's Performance Sedan?

    T​he Skyline GT-R R33 sedan is very rare and perhaps the coolest, most forgotten about performance sedan of th...

  • Reposted from JDM Community by Keegan Gossett

    W​hy Nissan might just be on to something

    T​eaching an old dog new tricks has more perks than you may think.

  • Reposted by Keegan Gossett

    Mazda Confirms Next Gen XEV Rotary Meets Global Emissions

    The Rotary Returns!

  • T​he Chrysler Hypercar That Wasn't

    I​n the early 2000s, Chrysler didn't really offer anything super exciting except for the Viper. This concept w...

  • The Forgotten AMG (and Mitsubishi): Mitsubishi Galant AMG

    W​ho remembers when when AMG worked with Mitsubishi? Nobody? Really? That's understandable I guess.