Lost In Transmission

Lost In Transmission

Tribe talking about forgotten cool, quirky, and historically significant cars

  • The Other Boss 302: Mercury Cougar Boss 302 Eliminator

    Every true petrolhead knows the Boss 302 Mustang but not many people know about this Boss powered cat.

  • Tommykaira: A Forgotten Japanese Sports Car Manufacturer

    Mainly known for their tuning of Nissans and Subarus, Tommykaira also has made several cars that not a lot of ...

  • The Bonkers C3 Vette You Probably Never Heard Of

    The C3 Corvette is a well known car, but I bet you didn't know about the most powerful Vette of the 20th Centu...

  • The Kid Behind Lost In Transmission and What It's All About

    This is a short summary of who I am and why I love cars a started this DriveTribe thing.

  • Why We Should Appreciate the Original Minivan

    No I have not lost my marbles. This car was so important for the fate of some of the modern cars we love today...

  • Mitsubishi Evos That You Probably Didn't Know Existed

    The Mitsubishi Evolution is only associated with the Lancer platform today. What people don't realize is that ...

  • 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am (TTA): The Revival of American Muscle Cars

    The 1980s was a dark time for American car companies with with emission regulations stifling muscle cars. This...

  • Reposted from USA Drivetribe by Keegan Gossett

    Dodge's 4 forgotten SRT performance cars

    Four different hot engines stuffed into four mundane vehicles. Firepower where you least expected it.

  • The Mitsubishi FTO: The 90s Mitsubishi You Probably Forgot About

    The FTO is a long forgotten 90's JDM car. It was a car that was supposed to bridge the gap between the Eclipse...