M-art Attacks (ack Ack)

M-art Attacks (ack Ack)

Warning: M-ART (Modern Art) ATTACKS our cars. Crush-Crash-Car Art (aka Car Art)

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    Mutoid waste company

    A collective of artists who look come out of a Mad Max movie...

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    What happens when you drop a transformer sized blade on a Prius...

    Megabots Inc wanted to see what would happen if they dropped a 227kg knife on a wrecked Toyota Prius

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    The Ultimate Garage Art Piece

    To top off the garage, a BMW M1 Frame was added to the wall.

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    The Grand Tour Scattered A Bunch Of Wrecked Priusus Around The World (JaLOPNIK)

    Check out his story from Jalopnik

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    The good, the bad, the art cars.

    A look at the 19th incarnation of the legendary bmw program

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    Hubcap Creatures

    Hubcap Creatures Hubcap Creatures is a one man company run by Ptolemy Elrington.

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    Mother and daughter on 4 wheels. (can call this wierd. but terrible?.nope!)

    Yep. this was a game changer. in 1910-20´s.