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  • W​hy V4 engines are so rare and which cars use them

    The V4 engine is such a rare layout in a road car, being found predominantly instead in motorcycles. I've in...

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    The oil filter is a simple, yet critical part on your car

    S​o changing it should be on top of your car maintanence list

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    H​ow does a performance air filter work?

    T​hey're the first modification that any aspiring petrolhead should make to their car, so we decided to invest...

  • W​hy the Jaguar C-X75 was too good for us

    We all think of the current hypercar ‘holy trinity’ as the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and LaFerrari. But back in ...

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    T​he 5 stages of manufacturing an air filter

    An air filter is an important lifeline for an engine, keep all those nasty contaminants out of the combustion ...

  • The science behind THAT famous crash – Mike's Mechanics

    Racecar crashes can be horrifying, but none get close to the craziness of those witnessed at the 1999 Le Mans ...

  • I performed an engine autopsy and it was extremely satisfying

    Who knew a bog-standard four-cylinder engine could be so cool

  • How does a supercharger work?

    it's our favourite way to boost and engine, no matter how efficient turbocharging is

  • What car did you dream of at high school?

    Admit it, your locker door was covered in blu-tacked google images of supercars

  • The 6 greatest engines of all time

    Who knew a bunch of pistons and cylinders could come together to make things this epic

  • This glorious animation shows the evolution of Le Mans winners through the ages

    The GT40s are unbelievably stunning

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    Loud superchargers are best superchargers

    You can't argue with the supercharger whine from the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. I recently drag raced the ...

  • The latest addition to the mantlepiece - a 1:18 Bentley Speed 8, the 2003 Le Mans winner. No complaints from t...

  • I saw plenty cool things at the NEC Classic Car Show but none could top getting up close and personal with thi...

  • Never underestimate how iconic a tyre and car combination can be

    A car's rubber can stick in your mind thanks only to a bit of tyre writing