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    The one car part that everyone forgets to check

    I​t's the filter that no one seems to care about. But they should.

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    This is definitely the first mod you should make to your car

    S​ometimes, modifying a car can be a bit tricky when things like lowering springs or uprated brakes are on the...

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    H​ow to install a performance intake system

    C​hanging your air filter is one thing but swapping out your entire airbox for a performance intake system is ...

  • T​he surprising origin story of the McLaren V8 engine (ft. 720S and 600LT Spiders)

    The McLaren 600LT Spider is the firm's latest convertible supercar, arguably becoming the sweet-spot in the ra...

  • W​hy V4 engines are so rare and which cars use them

    The V4 engine is such a rare layout in a road car, being found predominantly instead in motorcycles. I've in...

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    The oil filter is a simple, yet critical part on your car

    S​o changing it should be on top of your car maintanence list