New Era Icons

What’s people’s opinions on modernising an 80’s classic with new breaks engine gearbox ect to make it more useable day to day ?
I have a e30 coupe that has be modified... new modern engine brakes gearbox etc ... but it’s not practical with a dog and child, so bought an e30 325i auto for a daily do I modernise it or keep it standard?
Rick Hellings
Seemed to work well for the hero in the fast and the furious Tokyo drift with the Mustang! I think it’s a good idea to modernise, at the end of the day the major wearing components are 20-30 years old.
Loved driving this again Today 325i but changed engine and gearbox for m54b30 love this car
Nathan Alphabet
Need help on Toyota supra perchase any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated
Harry Chesworth
12/01/2019 after a bit of an absence i wanted to start writing again and this is the result, good fun to do it again. hope you can have a read and enjoy!
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