Nissan Owners Club

Maxwell Kline
Personally I'd love news on what in the world the next z will be!
you and me both!
Wishful thinking I would think about another z!
Andrew Lee
I need some info on my swap!
Sydrick Luna
Any info on a new Z, new R36, and new Frontier would be nice right about now. I reposted an article about "Zombie" cars that are still alive, and 3 of those Nissans made that list.
Luke Simpson
Hey guys. Right, reluctantly, I’m having to put my pulsar gtir up for sale. Unfortunately the time has come where the money from her has become more valuable and in need. Thought I’d mention it on the Nissan owners club, should be the first placed a little gem like this should be offered. Luke 07523418823.
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  • Chad Baptiste
    Hello all! Name's Chad, first time poster and newcomer to the Tribe! Owner of this Z33, bastard of a car but loads of fun! I hope this doesn't go against any guidelines, but I'm excited to be here! Cheers!
    I have to admit I am a little worried hearing about the recent or possible job cuts in Nissan recently. Does this mean the company is in trouble? What does it mean for the future of our cars, or even the manufacturing of future Nissans
    Alan Mcallister
    Hello and welcome to Nissan Elgrand E50, with a lot of mods and additions
    XwX 4x4
    I saw this car a few days ago
    XwX 4x4
    idk if it actually is a gtr plz help me
    XwX 4x4
    Joseph West
    Apparently which have voted the Nissan Qashqai as the most unreliable car for 2018-2019, still mines going strong 🤞
    Matthew L
    Hey everyone new to the tribe. 350z owner. Looking forward to getting involved on here
    Al Sullivan
    Greetings!! This is my 2013 Xterra I use to explore the Arizona backcountry and mining trails. I’ve been a Datsun/Nissan enthusiast for over 35 years! Cheers!
    Hey everyone! I've got a 2005 nissan quest van. Sounds boring, but it's really kinda fast for a van... Just drove the loneliest road in the world with a few buddies--the same route Clarkson, Hammond and May drove in the US super car special.
    New to the tribe and wondering what's what?
    Jordan Cottam
    Hey everyone, new to the tribe this is my r32 GTR
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  • Harris Rana
    what's up, and I'm new
    Philip Browne
    Does anyone know what size bulbs a 1997 180sx uses for the gauge cluster ?
    Tom Ellison
    Just got my baby back from the tuners with some KWv3 coilovers on :)
    Paul Trevor
    Thanks for the invite, here's one of mine
    Danyal Ghandi
    Any ideas for my babyy ?? The one and only cefiro A31 in Iran
    Danyal Ghandi
    this is beautiiiifuuuul😍😍
    Adil Bagha
    I need help to resolve this problem anyone have any ideas how to the car also seems to splutter when going up hills when I floor it.
    It's a K13 Nissan Micra/March
    Jordan Alford
    Who out there owns a 1992 Nissan Sentra/Sunny
    Jordan Alford
    Flix me a message
    Bobby Worchel
    Thanks for the invite to the group. Owner of a series 1, 1970 240z (7224) and a 2020, 50th Anniversary 370z. As you can see, a long way to go on the 70'.
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